About Us

Who are we

CS Frequency is a UK based consultancy focused on delivering high quality web, mobile and cloud solutions to clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to meet their requirements by utilising the technology that is appropriate for their needs.

Founder: Chris Bianca

Chris spent over 7 years at Ocado, where he was responsible for all development and architecture for their web and mobile platform, growing it to support over £1 billion in annual transactions. As part of Ocado's first partnership agreement in 2013, he ran development for and launched the Morrisons Grocery website. Chris doesn't just focus on technology, he was heavily involved in product development as well as managing the business relationship with Ocado's retail team and their counterparts at Morrisons. Before leaving in 2015, Chris designed and architected the migration of Ocado's Web and Mobile platform to the cloud using a combination of AWS and Google Cloud Platform. This now forms the basis of Ocado's Smart Platform offering.

Since leaving, Chris has worked with startups and established organisations like Anthony Nolan to help set out their cloud strategy and migration paths. He remains hands-on and has contributed heavily to the open source community on projects like React Native Firebase to ensure that he keeps abreast of new technologies.